Stanislaus River Flows

What are the flows in 2023?

The short answer is: we don't 100% know as flow schedules can change in real time based on changing water policies (policies we very much DON'T control).

Our best guess: Flows will be in the 1500CFS range for most of May and June, and then possibly closer to average in July, August and September. Flow rules can be found on this page.

Do note that flows can change dramatically overnight.  This section of river is 100% dam controlled, so flows can increase or decrease based on the needs of local and state water quality requirements.

Also, we always keep customers with reservations in the loop with conditions on their trip.  If and when flows change, we will email you, and give you options (including the option to get a refund) in the event flows are above what you are comfortable with!

For daily flow information, please visit: Stanislaus River Flows

A Guide to Flows

  • Flows are measured in cubic feet per second (CFS).
  • Average flows on the Stanislaus in summer months are between 200-749CFS. These flows are considered amateur-friendly "float trips".
  • Flows between 750-999CFS are still mellow, but we do recommend participants know how to swim, and you want to have one adult per child attending.
  • Flows between 1000-1299CFS are more challenging, and require at least 2+ strong paddlers per boat, and we recommend all participants know how to swim. Alcohol is not allowed.
  • Flows between 1300-1999CFS are considered high flow. Participants need to know how to swim, all boats need 2+ strong paddlers, and strong communication among group members is a must. Alcohol is banned at these flows. All children must be 7 or older.
  • Flows above 2000CFS are normally too dangerous to run trips. We do not recommend the general public raft above 2000CFS.
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Making a Reservation

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Getting More Information

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Group Leaders!

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