Online booking instructions

1. If you have between 2 and 9 people in your group, use the line "per person (2-9 people)" . If you have 10 or more, you will qualify for the discounted group rate, so use the line "per person (10-24 people)". If you have more than 24 people, you need to call the office at 209-848-4800.

2. If a weekday is greyed out, and you can't select it, we most likely are not running trips on that date. Feel free to give us a call about it.

3. If you have 10+ in your group, you are getting the discounted group rate, so discount codes will not work, as you cannot stack discounts. If you have questions about this, call the office.


All payments are due 2 weeks before the trip runs.
Trips take ~5 hours to complete.
All participants must be 5 or older on rafting trips and 10 or older on kayaking trips.