River Rafting Clean Up

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Help out and raft for free

Over the course of the summer, we will have a number of days where we organize river rafting clean up trips.  These trips last ~5 hours, and in exchange for helping pick up trash during your trip, your entire rafting trip that day is free.  We announce many of these trips via email or on Facebook.  Feel free to put in a clean up trip request on the form on this page and we can keep you updated on what we have coming up!

Trips usually launch during weekdays in the morning hours around 9:30AM, and appointments are required.

What to Expect

In the morning, you will get a safety talk from our staff.  We will give your group gloves and trash bags for your clean up trip.

The trip itself is self-guided, so there will be no guide with you on your boat, although very often you will have an employee in a kayak near your group directing you to areas that are most impacted by littering.  As you float along, we just ask that you grab trash you see in the river and on the rocky shores, and toss it in those trash bags.  We only accept a limited number of groups per clean up, so please be ready to help clean once you get on the water.

Frequently asked questions

How many people can I bring?

A: You need a group from 4-16 people to participate on the clean up trip.

How long will it take?

A: Plan for it to take 5-6 hours in total.

Do I get another free trip after I help clean?

A: No.  The float trip you go on on the date of your river clean up trip is the free trip.

What if I can't find trash on my trip?

A: Then you aren't looking! There are plenty of areas where people are not being very environmentally conscious, so if you are already looking for reasons not to clean, this trip is not for you!

How do I sign up?

A: Via the form on this page! After you complete this form, we will reach out and let you know the next step!