Pricing & Discounts

2023 Pricing

A 2023 notice on pricing and refunds: as conditions/flows change, so can the rules surrounding your trip (rules here). As your trip approaches, we will communicate with you, via email, about conditions.  If rules or conditions change, and you don't feel comfortable rafting in those conditions, you will be eligible for a full refund.  We have no intention of making groups go on trips that they don't want to go on!

Pricing for all of our trips includes: paddles, life jackets, photos (weather permitting), dry boxes for your belongings, boats, and shuttle service. Our goal is to make things as easy as possible for you so that you can focus on enjoying your day in the sun!

If you get a group of 10-24, you are eligible for $3 per person off the listed price.  If you have a group of 25+, you are eligible for $5 per person off the listed price!

We often get questions about prices, and why prices go up over time.  For us, certain expenses, like the wages of employees and the number of employees we staff (both on river and off) have gone up dramatically in recent years, in an effort to promote safety and minimize bad behavior on the water. We do our best to create a fun, safe, and memorable experience, and we try to keep our pricing at a level where we can maintain our standards while remaining affordable!

Knights Ferry Rafting Trip

May to September
  • Weekdays: $40/person
  • Sundays: $44-$48/person
  • Saturdays: $44-$48/person
  • Check reservation system for pricing on holidays

Orange Blossom Rafting Trip

June- Aug (Weekends)
  • Sundays: $40/person
  • Saturdays: $40/person
  • Great for families , most affordable weekend trip
  • Check reservation system for pricing on holiday weekends

Kayaking Trip (Knights Ferry)

June to Sept
  • Weekdays: $50/person
  • Weekends: $55/person
  • Requires two participants to make a kayaking reservation

Knights Ferry Pricing (per person)

June/July/August$40$44-$48$44-$48Book Now ➜
May/SeptemberN/A$44$44Book Now ➜
July 4th Wknd & Labor Day Wknd$48$48$48Book Now ➜
Kayaking (2 per min.)WeekdaySaturdaySunday
June to Sept$50$55$55Book Now ➜
Holiday Weekend$55$55$55Book Now ➜

Parking in the Knights Ferry lot is $10 per car. This lot is run by the Army Corps of Engineers, and is not under the jurisdiction of Sunshine Rafting Adventures. You can be ticketed if you do not pay the fee.

Orange Blossom to Oakdale pricing (per person)

June to SeptN/A$40$40Book Now ➜

A note about heavily booked dates

Prices on heavily-booked dates tend to be higher, so if you have a big group with flexibility on the date you book, we recommend rafting in early June or after the first week in September to get the biggest savings! Also do know that on peak days we have our Orange Blossom to Oakdale trip, which is a more relaxing, less crowded, and more affordable section of the river.



10 or More

If you have a group of 10 or more, give us a call or submit a request and we can work out a group discount for you and your group! We also do special pricing for youth and church groups, as well as non-profit organizations.

Group Payment Plans

We make group payments easy for you! You can set up reservations so that people can call in and pay their share, or you can share a unique link that we give you at the time of reservation, and your group can all pay online! Either way, group payments could not be easier!

Upcoming Specials

2023 Rafting Season Specials

Get discounted pricing by bringing groups of 10+ or 25+!

Free Cleanup Trips

Check out our Rafting Cleanup page and register to be notified when we offer free cleanup trips throughout the summer months.

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