Getting Started

Making a Reservation

So you've taken a look, you like what you see, and you want to bring some friends and family out to go rafting!  Now what do you do?  Making a reservation is the first step, and Sunshine makes it easy to plan for you and your group!

Getting More Information

You know the trip sounds awesome, but you want some expert insight into the trip.  How do you get that? Just call us at 800-829-7238 or shoot us an email at  We'd be happy to give you feedback that's been crafted with over 35 years in the industry!

Making Reservations

What You Need for a REservation

Typically, to make a reservation, you need to know the date, check in time you'd like, and the approximate number of people in the party.   In certain scenarios, custom payment accommodations can be made, so if you have questions, just email or call us!

Making a reservation RIGHT NOW

You are SO ready to book your reservation.  What do you need to do?  You can simply click "book now" on the top right menu, and click the date, number of people you want to reserve, register, and pay!  The online system works 24 hours a day, and will give you real time availability.  You can call our office at 800-829-7238 and make a reservation over the phone as well!

Making a Large Group Reservation

Do you have more than just a handful of people in your party? Or do you want everyone to pay for their own spot in the reservation? We have easy ways to set that up via our online group reservation system!  If your trip is less than 2 weeks away, and you have a large group that needs to pay individually, call us at 800-829-7238 and we will set that up for you, send you a custom link, and everyone in the group can pay into your reservation.  If you are more than 2 weeks away, you can do the same thing, but can do it online 24 hours a day!

Why Do I Even Need a Reservation?

Good question!  Why can't you just show up and grab a raft and pay there? The main reason is that we book out on most weekends, so if you just show up with no reservation, we will be totally sold out.  On peak weekends from June 15-August 15, we can book out 2-3 weeks in advance, so early trip planning is highly recommended!


Group Leaders!

Do you have a large group of eight or more and would like request a trip? If you know your trip details, planned dates, and number of people in your group, you can get started right now.

More Rafting Trip Fun

Knights Ferry Rafting Trip

Miles of beautiful river scenery, places to swim and relax, as well as small mini-rapids that will keep things exciting! Highlights include: Knights Ferry, Russian Rapids, The Two Bluffs, Lovers Leap, Horseshoe Park, and more.