Sunshine Rafting Customers

In 2021 we are transitioning to using SnugMug to host your free photos.  If you registered for your trip, you will get an email with a link to those photos.  You just need to find the album with your date on it, find your photos, and right click on them (on desktop) or hold down the image you want to save (on mobile) and you can save your own photos.  These photos are still free, there is no need to purchase.

Link to 2021 photos can be found here: Sunshine Rafting Photos on Facebook

Link to 2020 photos can be found here:

If you cannot access our photos, please send an email to and we will do our best to locate your party. Knowing the name of the person who reserved the trip and your boat number will help out greatly! Also be aware that any graphic, obscene, or photos of unsafe rafting activities are automatically deleted and not posted online. Once in awhile we do miss a boat due to cameras overheating, so if this is the case with your group, we are sorry!