Orange Blossom to Oakdale

Looking for a relaxing option on a Busy Weekend? The Orange Blossom to Oakdale trip is a great way to avoid the crowds, and is also a more economical way (prices are typically $7 less per person) to raft on peak weekends in June, July, and August! While the Knights Ferry to Orange Blossom section often sees crowds of over one-thousand on Saturdays and Sundays in June, July, & August, the Orange Blossom to Oakdale section sees a fraction of that, which makes for a quieter, family friendly, relaxing trip experience!

Listed below is a detailed explanation of what you are going to encounter on your trip from Orange Blossom Park. Do remember that between the highlights are miles of beautiful river scenery, places to swim and relax, as well as small mini-rapids that will keep things exciting! Above all else, the Orange Blossom to Oakdale trip is a scenic and relaxing voyage down the Stanislaus that is away from the hustle and bustle of the often-crowded Knights Ferry to Orange Blossom Trip.

A) Oakdale Shopping Center – This is where you check in for your trip (go to 800 North Yosemite Ave, Oakdale CA 95361, pull in the shopping center lot, take an immediate right past Pete’s Coffee)! Oakdale Shopping Center is a great place to pick up drinks and food before your trip (there are two grocery stores), and is a great place to unwind after your trip (there is a great snow cone place in the shopping center as well!). This will also be the end point of your Orange Blossom to Oakdale trip! Once you check in for your trip, you will board a bus that will take you to Orange Blossom Park. You will then raft the 6 miles back down to Oakdale Shopping Center, where your car will be waiting for you!

Check-In – Once we check the number of people in your party in and collect your liability waivers, it is time to get the fun rolling! At this point, everyone gets onto a bus and is transported to the river rafting launch area at Orange Blossom Park!Orange Blossom Park after a Stanislaus River Rafting trip

Orange Blossom Boat Launch– Once you arrive at Orange Blossom Park, everyone is fitted for life jackets, gets a paddle, and then huddles up for a safety talk, where we discuss the finer points of water safety before we help you launch your boat onto the water! Orange Blossom Park also has multiple picnic areas which you can use before you launch, and the park is a great place to have an early lunch before embark. Acres of green grass shaded under trees provide a place to play volleyball, eat, or just unwind after your trip.

B) Valley Oak Recreation Area – After two miles of gentle floating you will come upon the best area to take a quick break!  This raft-in park is on the right hand side of the river, and includes access to park restrooms.

C) Swing Rapid – While going through the dense jungle-like flora of the lower Stanislaus, the river swings to the right!  A beautiful rock ledge on the left hand side marks the area, so make sure to point your boat right as you cruise around the bend.  While exciting, this rapid is still beginner-friendly!

D) Re558598_472510039440185_710879595_nmote Floating – The best part of this section of water is the remote feel.  Dense tree growth on either side creates a jungle-like vibe as you cruise down the Stanislaus River.

E) Takeout at the Bridge! – You will cruise under the 120 Bridge and take out on the left hand side directly under the bridge.  The bridge is over 30 feet above the water, so you won’t have to worry about ducking (or spotting it)!