Knights Ferry Covered Bridge

Knights Ferry Covered Bridge, Knights Ferry historyLooking for something to do before or after your rafting trip? Knights Ferry is home to a number of historically significant structures, but perhaps none are more recognizable than the Knights Ferry Covered Bridge. This bridge, which is located about 200 yards upstream from the Knights Ferry Recreation area, where our rafting tours begin, was built in 1864, and has recently been designated a National Historical Landmark by the Library of Congress.

The Knights Ferry Covered Bridge, which at 330 feet, is the longest covered bridge west of the Mississippi River, and is still accessible by foot for those that want to take a stroll across. The covered bridge actually took auto traffic until 1981, at which point automobiles were cut off in order to reduce the wear and tear on the bridge. Despite the age of the Bridge at Knights FerryKnights Ferry Covered Bridge, it is still in fantastic shape and is widely regarded as an excellent example of wooden truss bridge design. In any case, we highly recommend taking a look at the Knights Ferry Covered Bridge before the trip!