Covid-19 Rules and Updates

Updated Rules for Customers

What to know before you reserve

-At the end of the day, we are a raft rental company that operates in public parks.  If you are nervous about this activity, know that we have very little control over behavior in public parks and on the water (the trips are miles long, so we won't be present on a large majority).  If you are looking for a highly regulated, curated experience, this is not it.

-Reservations are required.

-Know that once you are in your raft (we don't mix groups, so you are in a raft with the people in your reservation), social distancing will be difficult given the dimension of the rafts.  If you have a larger group, and want to split into separate rafts, give us a call at 209-848-4800 or email us at and we can try to accomodate custom options.

-Customers must have NO symptoms of illness. In addition to it being a danger to all of those around you, being sick in hot weather for hours is an extremely dangerous idea.

-Each boat is allowed one 60 quart or smaller ice chest.  This is all we will allow per raft.  During the COVID19 rules, groups that are intoxicated will have their trip ended at Horseshoe Park.  ANY customer that is intoxicated will not be allowed on the shuttle.  There will be sheriffs at the parks enforcing rules, so please do not treat this trip as a party or a place to have large alcohol-focused get-togethers due to public health concerns.

-Please do not be over 15 minutes late for your reservation, or you can lose it, due to their being a maximum number of launches per hour.

-Groups from different reservations are not allowed to congregate into large packs in the slow areas of the river, the parks, or take out areas.

What to Know Once You Arrive

-Please do not approach or try to get within 6 feet of employees while they work.  They will be trained and instructed to respect your space as well.

-Maintain a six foot distance from other participants when in parks, parking lots, or at any areas where people gather.

-Tying rafts together is strictly prohibited.

-For 2021, shuttles will return to normal, school bus style seating with no sections removed, which means you absolutely need to wear a mask on the shuttle. It is indeed required (yup, it is a law, and nope, we don't really want to argue about it):  We highly recommend bringing your own mask for the shuttle ride back, but we will have some on hand if you forget yours.

-Only group leaders will interact with check-in employees.  Group leaders will need to distribute and collect liability waivers as well as money.

-In the event that there are ongoing issues with people following rules, groups and individuals can and will be banned indefinitely from using the Stanislaus River companies.  Additionally, do understand that violating these rules can result in the county shutting down operations entirely, ruining the opportunity to enjoy nature for everyone involved.

What Sunshine is Doing to Help

Helping Keep People Safe

1) We are making sure operations are conducive to social distancing

-Check ins will be more spread out than before (between 9AM and 1:30PM).   Groups will be checked in every 10 minutes, and will check in separately in pre-spaced out check in areas.  Only group leaders will interact with the check in employee.

-Groups will cross the bridge and go to their boat, where they will be greeted by an employee in safety gear.  The employee will give a safety orientation, where safety rules are communicated at a distance.

-Groups will then take their own equipment to the launch area (30 feet away) and launch their boats.

-We will have employees stationed at spots along the river to keep an eye on things.

-Sunshine will have an employee upstream of the takeout advising groups to spread out so that each group has 3-4 minutes to take all of their stuff out without interacting with other groups.    All equipment (paddles, life jackets, dry boxes) will be taken by participants and placed in bins.

-At the end of the trip, groups will be staged at Orange Blossom Park.  Buses will be wiped down after every shuttle with cleaning wipes


Helping Keep Equipment Clean

2)Making sure equipment is cleaned before every trip

-Paddles are soaked in soapy water and wiped down with alcohol soaked wipes.

-Life jackets are washed in soapy water and Lysol sprayed when hung out

-Boats are wiped down with soapy water in morning after inflation

-Dry boxes are washed in soapy water and wiped with alcohol soaked wipes.

-Paddles, life jackets, and dry boxes will be placed in boat for group upon arrival

-These protocols are in addition to the CDC advising that transmission is mainly person to person, and does not spread easily via surfaces (

Making a Reservation

So you've taken a look, you like what you see, and you want to bring some friends and family out to go rafting!  Now what do you do?  Making a reservation is the first step, and Sunshine makes it easy to plan for you and your group! Just click book now on the top right menu, or call us at 800-829-7238!

Getting More Information

You know the trip sounds awesome, but you want some expert insight into the trip.  How do you get that? Just call us at 800-829-7238 or shoot us an email at  We'd be happy to give you feedback that's been crafted with over 35 years in the industry!


Group Leaders!

Do you have a large group of eight or more and would like request a trip? If you know your trip details, planned dates, and number of people in your group, you can get started right now.

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