Code of Conduct: Keep it Clean

What We Expect from customers

1) All groups are expected to act respectfully towards nature, other groups, and river rafting employees.

A) This means no littering during your trip.

B) This means not acting aggressively towards other groups on the river.  Agressive behavior can be anything from inappropriate language, to splashing, to physical altercations.

C) This means following the instructions of the river rafting staff beginning at check-in and ending as you leave the parking lot at the end of the day.


2) Groups are expected to maintain awareness while on the water. This means both paying attention, and respecting the dangers that moving water can present, as well as maintaining the mental capacity to recognize those dangers.


3) Groups that come to the river to be loud, obnoxious, aggressive, or disruptive will be turned away at check-in, or we reserve the right to put an employee chaperone with any of these groups.

A) This includes groups that cannot check-in by the weekday cut-off of 11:30 and the weekend cut-off of 12:00.


4) Groups that make it clear they are going to drink excessively will be turned away at check-in, or we reserve the right to put an employee chaperone with any of these groups.

A) Each boat is allowed one 60 quart or smaller ice chest.  At flows below 1000CFS you are allowed a maximum of TWO 12-packs per raft. This is all we will allow per raft.  No alcohol will be allowed on weekends in July.

B) At 1000CFS and above, no alcohol is allowed on any of our rafts.

C) Hard alcohol is explicitly not allowed on any of our rafts at ANY flow.  Coolers and bags are subject to search at check-in to ensure customers aren't bringing substances that result in high-risk activities. Glass bottles are also not allowed

D) Sherriff's deputies will be present at the parks, periodically, and have, and will enforce drunk-in-public rules.



Group Leaders!

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