Trip Equipment

People tend to have a lot of questions about the equipment that is used on the Stanislaus River. This is a quick outline of the type of equipment you can typically expect while rafting on your trip!

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Our boats are 8-person, 13 foot, commercial-quality river rafts. As you can see in the photo above, participants sit around the outside of the raft with their feet inside. Most all of our boats are blue (either dark or light) and are marked with “Sunshine” on the side of them. Sunshine also has a number of 10 person boats, so if you have a larger group (9 or 10 people) and want to stick together, go ahead and request one (groups love them!). Boats can easily fit 8 people plus a 60-quart ice chest.

Our commercial-quality kayaks (you can see a few of those on our kayaking page) are wide based, and 12' long, so they have plenty of room for both people to stretch out in, as well as a backpack sized carry-on/ice chest.



Most of our paddles are 48” to 60” Caviness commercial paddles. These paddles are light and durable, and most participants can use them easily. Paddles are held at the top of the t-grip handle and by the shaft above the blade (as demonstrated by this gentleman on the right).  We recommend that children under 12 share paddles with adult members of their group.

Our kayaking paddles are twin-blade (meaning you can paddle with either side) Caviness and NRS paddles.


Life Jackets

All of our life jackets are Coast Guard Certified. We have a variety of colors, although most, like our boats, are blue. We do have vests for small through extra-large individuals, although we only have vests on hand up to size 56” chest. If you have needs outside of this range, please arrange to bring your own Coast Guard certified life jacket (certifications are found on the inside of the vest). We require all participants to wear life jackets for the duration of their trip. Examples of life jackets can be seen in almost every photo on this site (what good customers)!


Contact Us

Want to know more about our equipment?  Feel free to shoot us an email at or call us at 209-848-4800.