About Sunshine Rafting

The history of Sunshine Rafting Adventures

Sunshine Rafting Adventures has been running river rafting trips on the Stanislaus River out of Knights Ferry for over 35 years. Sunshine Rafting has a history of running a number of sections of the Stanislaus, with the mainstay in Knights Ferry being the crown jewel. Other runs, such as the class III Camp Nine section, as well as the Goodwin Dam section of the Stanislaus River, have been run commercially by Sunshine as well, until changes in the dam schedules and flows shut those runs down for recreational use.

Although the sections of water that Sunshine has run have changed over time, the main mission of the company has not. From the inception of the company, the idea was to provide affordable, family-friendly fun that was engaging and healthy. Sunshine prides itself on a knowledgeable and friendly staff that support our customers at the put in and take out, as well as a hard-working office staff that is always just a phone call away. As times have changed, Sunshine has transformed and has been able to make the most of technology that makes remembering the trip (via photos) and learning about the trip (via online portals) as accessible as possible.

Sunshine Rafting also runs trips in the Fresno area on the San Joaquin River. You can find out more about those trips at FresnoRafting.com.

Sunshine Rafting Adventures is a local family-owned company and staffed by locals.  That being said, we welcome people from all around the world to come and enjoy the beautiful and refreshing Stanislaus River.

Sunshine Rafting Staff

Perhaps Sunshine's strongest advantage over other companies in the industry is the experienced staff that keeps things fun while keeping you safe.  We have a diverse and enthusiastic group of employees that will do their best to make sure that you feel welcome (and safe) during the course of your trip.

Our employees will be stationed at the start and end points of your trip, and you may see an employee or two in a patrol kayak while you are on the water on the day of your trip.  Our employees are around to be helpful and give information, so feel free to approach any of them with a blue Sunshine shirt on and ask whatever questions you might be curious about!


Making a Reservation

So you've taken a look, you like what you see, and you want to bring some friends and family out to go rafting!  Now what do you do?  Making a reservation is the first step, and Sunshine makes it easy to plan for you and your group! Just click book now on the top right menu, or call us at 800-829-7238!

Getting More Information

You know the trip sounds awesome, but you want some expert insight into the trip.  How do you get that? Just call us at 800-829-7238 or shoot us an email at info@raftadventure.com.  We'd be happy to give you feedback that's been crafted with over 35 years in the industry!