Sunshine Rafting Testimonials, Knights Ferry Rafting Reviews

Of course we think we provide a great value to our customers, but what is important is what they think!

We are happy to report that we have dozens of five-star reviews across a number of social media review sites, and are one of the highest-rated self-guided rafting trips in all of California. Below are a few of our favorite reviews, as well as links so you can see what everyone else has to say:

“We have been going rafting every summer for the past 10 years or so. It's our favorite thing to do with our family, friends and when we can mix the two together. We have people in our group start asking when we're rafting come march of every year.

We just went yesterday (7/21/12) and on top of the regular group that goes, we had 3 new comers who absolutely loved it. And we're planning another trip before summer is over. If your nervous, don't be. The staff is extremely knowledgable, friendly and great to work with!!!”

– Cindylou

“Rafting with Sunshine Rafting is always WICKED AWESOME!!! From the stellar staff to the unique people that you encounter on your trip, it is fun to be had by ONE AND ALL!!!”
– Katie G.

“This is great rafting for anyone of all ages and comfort with water. The water is calm (or with a gentle current) thru most of the river and there are a few fun little rapids (just enough to speed you up but nothing that will flip your boat or throw you out). It makes for a lot of fun while being able to relax and enjoy the day. We had swimmers and non-swimmers in our boat and all were having a great time.

The Sunshine staff are friendly and helpful and even a bit funny/sarcastic, saying "If you fall out of the boat, you'll be okay... Just stand up and get back in the boat." (most of the river is shallow enough to stand in). We had a great day and I look forward to going back sometime.”

– Jessica D.