Stanislaus River Flows

Looking for information on the flows on the Stanislaus River? Read on to get current conditions as well as future projections for flows on the Stanislaus River. If you are planning a trip for 2017, flows will likely be too high for commercial rafting until the very end of June. July 1st and later we should see commercially raftable flows, that are still above normal flows.

For daily flow information, please visit:

A guide to flows on the Stanislaus River:

-Flows are measured in cubic feet per second (CFS).
-Average flows on the Stanislaus in summer months are somewhere between 250-750CFS. These flows are, under most conditions, considered amateur-friendly “float trips”.
-Flows between 750-1000CFS are still fairly mellow, but we do recommend participants know how to swim.
-Flows between 1000-1500CFS are slightly more challenging, and require at least 2+ strong paddlers per boat, and we recommend all participants know how to swim.
-Flows between 1500-2000CFS are considered high flow. At this point participants need to know how to swim, all boats need 2+ strong paddlers, and strong communication among group members is a must.
-Flows above 2000CFS are normally “un-runnable”, except for in specific scenarios (certain sections of the Stanislaus are runnable at these flows, but we do not recommend the general public raft above 2000CFS without extensive planning).

Flow projections for 2017

As we enter July, flows should be in the 1500-2000CFS range, and as summer progresses, should slowly drop. We plan to be fully operational in July, August, and September.